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What is DutchCan?


DutchCan™ Soccer is a collaborative effort between Provincial B licensed coach Paul Okumu and UEFA A Youth licenced coach Theo ten Caat. Okumu played at the NCAA & CPSL levels and brings ten years of coaching experience to the training field. Formerly the Academy Coach for Holland’s FC Twente, Theo ten Caat has over 30 years of professional experience as a coach and as a player, including with FC Groningen, FC Twente & Aberdeen FC.

At the moment both coaches are training and helping young and talented soccer players develop themselves to become professional soccer players and to forfill their dreams. Paul and Theo decided that by working together, they can get Canadian soccer to a higher level.


The Dutch have always produced the finest of football and their way of constantly creating new soccer talents all over Europe means that the Dutch style of youth soccer development is from the highest quality and a road to success. With the help of Okumu coach Theo introduces the Dutch style of playing soccer to the Canadian talents. Canadian players are known for their well developed stamina and players are generally seleced based on their speed and strength on the field. With the master classes given by Theo and Paul players can work on their techinical and technical skills and get a perspective on the Dutch style. 


DutchCan™ Soccer forms a bridge between Canadian and Dutch soccer. On the first place to bring in and implement the Dutch style of playing into Canadian soccer. This is achieved by inviting talented and motivated Canadian youth players to an intense, week long, soccer camp. During this week coach Theo is scouting for the outstanding players who have it in them to become professional soccer players. These players are what DutchCan™ is looking for and this is where DutchCan™ again forms a bridge between Canada and the Netherlands. The best players are given a chance to represent themselves in Holland where they might be discovered by Dutch soccer clubs like FC Groningen or FC Twente.


In the spring of 2015 young talent Leekwon Kinghorn was invited to train and play in The Netherlands. In October two talents discovered at the 2015 DutchCan™ Soccer camp will be flown to The Netherlands and introduced to the Dutch soccer clubs. 


DutchCan™ not only hosts soccer camps but provides multiple services. Please see below.


DutchCan Services.


DutchCan™ Soccer offers a wide variety of services for soccer players as well as Canadian soccer clubs and coaches.


  • Develop & organize, creative and interactive youth soccer camps in Canada;

  • Develop, organise and host soccer camps on request for soccer clubs in Canada;

  • Develop, organise and provide training sessions at the request of soccer clubs in Canada;

  • Give individual soccer training in Canada;

  • Develop, organise and host soccer camps for Canadian players in The Netherlands;

  • Develop and organise training camps for Canadian clubs in The Netherlands;

  • Organizing individual football programs at youth academy's for Canadian trainers in The Netherlands;

  • Develop and provide European style training sessions for Canadian trainers/clubs;

  • Develop and provide training schedules for Canadian trainers;

  • Organizing, developing, and making youth training soccer schedules for Canadian Clubs;

  • Forming and being an intermediary between player and club; 

  • Provide player management Services; 

  • Provide soccer lectures in Canada on multiple subjects. On request.


Feel free to contact DutchCan™ Soccer if you think we could mean anything for you or your club/organisation. If you require more information regarding one of the services in the list above, please contact us.

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