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Scouting & Trials


Theo ten Caat has learned a lot during his professional career, a period of more than three decades. He lives in the world of professional soccer, first as a player and after his active career as a coach. Over the years Ten Caat has gathered lots of knowledge about the game an through his overall long spell in soccer he has made lots of friends from all over the world. Coach Paul Okumu being one of them.


Playing for clubs like FC Twente, FC Groningen and Vitesse Arnhem in Holland and FC Aberdeen in Scotland, got him to meet many prominent people in European soccer. Those contacts trust Ten Caat's scouting talents and can open important doors for talented players. Ten Caat doesn't work directly for a Dutch club but has contacts all over Holland. This means he has multiple options and possibilties to place young Canadian soccer players to have a look at European soccer. These trials are also a scouting event for the Dutch soccer academy's the players are introduced to. 


During the Canadian soccer camps DutchCan™ organises, Theo ten Caat is looking for new Canadian talents to make their dream come true. Paul Okumu has his contacts in Canadian soccer which helps them organise and develop soccer opportunities for young Canadian talents.


In the end it is for the players an unforgettable experience and a learning process for the future. “A single day can change a lot in a person’s mind.”

European Experience 1.jpg
European trial with Zakaria Abdi (18)-Kunle Dada-Luke (19) and Steffen Yeates (19)
March 2019

FC Twente soccer club is hosting three Canadian youth players and deciced to put them on the field during the practise game of the U23 against Almere City U23. Zakaria Abdi, Kunle Dada-Luke and Steffen Yeates are all three players from the youth academy of Toronto FC, where Zakaria and Kunle are still playing. Yeates has transferred to Connenticut recently. Abdi is playing offence and has played 14 matches for Toronto FC III, during which he scored ten times. Dada-Luke is a right-winger and completed 5 matches for Toronto II. Yeates is playing central field and is currently playing for Connecticut II, where he played four matches.

European trial | Leekwon Kinghorn (15)
April 2015

When FC Groningen agreed to give Leekwon a trail, we made a program for almost two weeks, Leekwon was training with the U15 and U16 of the Youth Academy of FC Groningen, where he had almost a two full week schedule with the U15 and U16. He was taken to the training facilities by FC Groningen every day, where he was training every morning and some afternoons. He had one game at the Youth Academy Grounds, when he played with the U16 against an U19 youth team of GVAV Rapiditas, an amateur club out of the city of Groningen. During these two weeks, Leekwon and his coach Paul Okumu, watched two games of FC Groningen first team, semi-cup final against Excelsior Rotterdam and league game against Cambuur Leeuwarden and watched some training sessions of the first team. In the evening, he had training sessions  with senior club Achilles 1894 where Theo ten Caat is the Head Coach, he also watched Achilles 1894 playing two games, a very competitive amateur team, playing in the 4. division in Holland. Leekwon absolved  some individual technical trainings sessions with Theo ten Caat. They were given a tour at the Professional Youth soccer Academy and at the Euroborg, called “The Green Temple”, Stadium of FC Groningen.


There was also time for culture and history as there was a day out in Amsterdam, including a visit at The Arena,  Ajax Amsterdam Stadium, and sightseeing  in the City of Amsterdam, this included a tour in the Canals of Amsterdam. Very impressive was the excursion to Camp Westerbork, a Nazi Camp in Drenthe, Holland, during the Second World War, from where Hundreds of Thousands Jews were taken to Auschwitz, like Anne Frank.


Overall this trip was a big success for Leekwon, enjoyable and full of learning moments. We hope this experience will give Leekwon a learning process in his young life and an enrichment for life, a treasuring spell he will never forget.

Theo ten Caat

European Soccer Experience | Andrei Zaporojan (16)
April 2016

“Dutchcan soccer, the European soccer experience” the phrase essentially speaks for itself. Living in Canada, I've always dreamt about experiencing what European soccer was all about - Not only to get a better glimpse at the pro life, but to challenge myself against a different variety of players. That small dream of mine soon came to fruition when I met Theo. At first I thought of him as just another coach who just came for the hell of it, but after a few sessions it was clear to me that Theo truly wanted to bring the best out of all of us players, not only as footballers, but as people. He put us through rigorous, intense training to show us, and give us a taste of how football would be in Holland. And frankly, it was tough. He always expected us to play at a fast pace, and deliver quality touches, which really challenged us players to impress. A couple of months later, and I found myself on a 7 hour flight to Amsterdam. Theo gave me the opportunity to experience “Dutch” football firsthand, and I couldn’t have been any more excited about it. Although it was kind of nerve racking thinking about it, I couldn’t wait to get on the pitch, and getting off the plane really gave me the feeling that I was indeed, living the life of a professional. Not so long after, it was time for my first training session. We had the honour of training inside the stadium, which really overjoyed me, since in Canada, not many clubs could train in their stadium, let alone even say they have one to begin with. As I entered the changeroom with the rest of the boys, I was surprised to see how welcoming and excited they were to have some Canadians train with them. It was truly a great feeling. Not too long after it was time for training and as we left to emerge onto the field, I felt a sort of thrill. Even though I was looking around the stadium to a bunch of empty stands, I still could feel the atmosphere as if they were completely filled with supporters. Now that we were actually training, the feeling was inexplicable, and the feeling of playing with players that could potentially be professionals in the next couple of years or so was absolutely amazing, especially considering the fact that there wasn’t much of a considerable difference between them and me. But truly speaking, the one thing that surprised me the most, was simply the fact that there were showers in the changerooms for us players to use after a rigorous workout, something that I’ve never really experienced before. After training was finished and we headed home, to eat, sleep and get ready to do everything over once again. To me, this is what European football is all about; putting in hard work everyday to better yourself, and I felt that I experienced it here through all the help of Theo, Paul, and Dutchcan. As I stated before, Dutchcan speaks for itself. It’s a European experience worth experiencing, and if I could, I’d do it all over again.

by Andrei Zaporojan

European Soccer Experience | Owen da Silva (14)

April 2016

"A true football experience!" In early January 2016 I attended a Dutchcan soccer camp which is where I met Theo Ten Caat (UEFA A licensed coach and former Dutch professional) and Paul Okumu (Provincial B licensed coach). This is where I experienced the Dutch way of training, technical sessions with high intensity. I was fortunate enough to have made an impression that lead to an internship at FC Emmen in April 2016. When I arrived in Amsterdam I couldn't believe the warm welcome I received from coaches and players. The coaching staff at FC Emmen were great. The facilities were amazing! The training sessions were very intense and technical just like the camp except now your surrounded with other players all trying to make it professionally. When I wasn't training with FC Emmen then I trained with Achilles 1894 (Theo's coaches Achilles) that meant training twice a day. On our off days Dutchcan arranged for us to watch three professional games Schalke vs Leverkusen, Dortmund vs Wolfsburg and Ajax vs FC Twente all packed stadiums with screaming fans, all amazing! After each game we would get together and discuss our thoughts on the game with Theo and Paul giving their insights. We also had time to take in an FC Twente stadium tour, sight seeing, shopping and historical museums (Kamp Westerbork) in Amsterdam. It was a very memorable experience for me and I will never forget it. 

Thank You Dutchcan.


by Owen Da Silva

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