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Vision on coaching soccer


''Vision is a brief elaboration on your way of thinking and your sense'


Paul Okumu and Theo ten Caat form a bridge for Canadian youth players to the Dutch Soccer Academy's.  DutchCan™ represents a Dutch soccer vision. This means that development of a soccer player has a relationship with his of hers personality and character. DutchCan™ wants to implement this Dutch Vision in Canadian soccer coaching and playing. To accomplish this objective, DutchCan™ introduces the young soccer players to four fundamentals of soccer determined by Theo ten Caat and Paul Okumu. The fundamentals not only cover soccer improvement but more important: they are about a player's personal development. The four fundamentals of coaching according to DutchCan™:


  • Technical development in skills and abilities;

  • Tactical development: learning how to read and understand the game and to make the correct choices on the field regarding team play.

  • Mental and personal growth;

  • Physical development that goes hand in hand with the new possibilities of making choices during the game.


The four pillars of coaching soccer require an individual analyse of each player. A coach must always keep in mind that all children in a soccer team are in a different development stage. This means the coach has to asses and analyse a player in such a way that he can develop a personal training program which can be applied in team trainings. This is a very complex task but a decisive one for the optimal growth of an individual player. This actually means that youth soccer is an individual sport: deriving from the four fundamentals of soccer, every player follows his or her own path while developing.


From my Dutch soccer education I have developed a preference for creating. Creative soccer now forms the thread in my soccer life. The total soccer in the seventies with Rinus Michels and Johan Cruijf and the European title in 1988 with coach Michels have had a defining influence on my perspective on the game. Back then playing an offensively game and being dominant on every part of the playfield was the focus of attention.


This is the same for youth soccer development: In my opinion attacking and creating have priority. Players have to think with the ball and on the ball. During the DutchCan™ Soccer sessions and camps an attacking style is recognizable. Individual technical improvement and development of the player are the main objective during DutchCan training sessions and camps. Children learn the sport by playing the sport and more important: having fun while practising the sport.


DutchCan™ is authentic, we stay positive and we have an attacking mindset on the field.


Theo ten Caat


DutchCan™ Soccer.



DutchCan™ Mission


In the spring of 2015 Canadian soccer coach Paul Okumu and Dutch soccer coach Theo ten Caat decided to join hands and organised their first soccer camp together. This pilot camp was held in the summer of 2015 and proved to be a succes. The soccer practised during the camp was of high quality and we discovered players with the talent, personality and motivation to be invited to The Netherlands. 


In 2015 DutchCan™ was only operating in the Toronto area and started of with one soccer camp and three days filled with additional soccer sessions. It is our goal to expand, not only coach Ten Caat will extend his visit next year but also DutchCan™ wants to cover more then just the Toronto district. DutchCan™ is from now on also available on request to provide multiple services. See About DutchCan™. It is our mission to improve Canadian soccer by implementing the Dutch style of coaching soccer to Canada. We open doors to the highest level Soccer Academy's in The Netherlands for outstanding players we think are worth investing in. DutchCan™ will act as an intermediary when players are signed in Holland. 


If you are a motivated under 18 player and you want to have a DutchCan™ experience with UEFA A Youth Licensed coach Theo ten Caat and Provincial B licensed coach Paul Okumu, sign up for our newsletter to stay posted about the 2016 DutchCan™ Soccer camps and sessions. If you think DutchCan™ could mean something for you or your club/organisation please contact us anytime. 



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